My Maison in Paris - Studio de Luxe #11-21

My Maison in Paris Philosophy

To be a home away from home! This is the vocation of MY MAISON IN PARIS, a new concept in tourist accommodation in Paris, halfway between a hotel and an individual rented apartment. Our accommodation combines the charm of an edgy and sophisticated Parisian interior, with everything you expect of a luxury hotel and the very best in technology for when you are on the move. They are designed to meet the expectations of any traveller, whether with a family, travelling as a couple, with friends or for work, in an up-to-date, yet original and truly Parisian environment.

We specialise in offering you reliable and consistent quality in all our apartments, with designs you can trust and each appartment comprehensively and sensibly equipped. Freedom, trust and involvement are at the heart of the way we think about travel and the discovery of new places. Feel free to enjoy your cosy interior or to dive straight into the city.

My Maison in Paris - Appartement style Loft #31

First of all, we guarantee you a smooth and reassuring travel experience when you book. Our team will guide you step-by-step to reach our MY MAISON IN PARIS locations, collect the key to your apartment and easily find your way around in your second home.

Our accommodation is mostly designed with a sitting area. That is so rare nowadays in large city hotels that it deserves to be emphasised. Relax on a sofa, have a drink, chat, this is how you feel at home.

Indeed, MY MAISON IN PARIS offers more space than a hotel room for a lower cost.

My Maison in Paris - Studio de Luxe avec terrasse #22

Rest assured about the quality of the wifi! It's our obsession! Surfing is good, printing is even better. We equip every apartment with a laser printer, so you can have your boarding pass, your Versailles entry ticket, or your latest draft immediately to hand.

Enjoying a Nespresso or a Kusmi tea will become an essential part of your breaks! And even if the nightlife of Paris is what you love, what could be more natural, some evenings, after you have toured the Louvre and Le Marais, and then roamed the terraces enjoying an aperitif, than letting yourself be tempted by a dinner at home. MY MAISON IN PARIS kitchens are equipped for cooking! And since everyday tasks are still there just as much on holiday: our apartments are mostly equipped with a dishwasher. We also recognise the frustration of not being able to wash your things easily during a long tour in Europe or when travelling with children: all our apartments are therefore equipped with a washer dryer.

And why spend your money unnecessarily on phone calls or on data? We offer an optional mobile phone for your local calls and roaming wifi (pocket-wifi) so that you have access to the internet everywhere while you are out and about visiting and walking. Welcome to MY MAISON IN PARIS,

Welcome to Your home in Paris!